A series of small vibrations

So here’s what’s happened since setting things up yesterday and going public.

The Facebook page for this project got hammered with likes. HAMMERED. I actually wasn’t quite ready to announce it, but a few savvy folks picked up on it and spread it like wildfire and I scrambled to keep up. My phone went off with each new like or comment I got. About a dozen people spoke up about wanting to participate, way more than I’d anticipated.

I hastily threw together the banner you see at the top of this page now. It’s also on the Facebook page and the Tumblr.

I watched the page get more likes. I watched friends and people I didn’t know share it. I started talking to those who were interested in participating about what I wanted to do, and listened as they told me about their own body issues and experiences.

I started to freak out a little. My body buzzed with nervous energy the way my phone did with each new update that hit. I began to feel really overwhelmed by this immediate wave of interest.

I didn’t sleep much.

I started talking more with the people who wanted to participate. There’s a lot of ground to cover, a lot of voices to be heard.

I barely have a grasp of what I’m doing. This isn’t at all what I was expecting. This project has grown and morphed within 24 hours of going public. That’s amazing. Incredible. And it’s all thanks to you guys.

Here’s the original drawing for that banner, by the way:

bannersketchSo what’s next, now that an audience has sprung up so quickly? Well, uh, I’m not entirely sure.

I’m still looking for people to get in on this, regardless of age, race, shape, or size. Particularly other men. Especially men who would like to write their own essays or articles, or do their own comics or whatever.

I’m also looking for someone to help run the Tumblr. I’ve already got my girlfriend helping with the Facebook page.

I have to organize, figure out an order and method to all of this. Get everyone lined up, determine who’s doing what. I may need to put together an editorial team to help on that end.

I have five pages written and laid out to draw. Four of those pages are about my own personal insecurities, laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Photo reference will be taken this weekend, and I’ll start drawing after that. I should be able to knock it out in a week or two. Then I start on the next person. And then the next. And so on. So many stories to tell, so many experiences to share.

Again, thank you all so much for your excitement and interest. You’re helping make this oddball project of mine something big, something important. Keep telling others, share the links, spread the word.

I’ll try not to blow this. I don’t want to let you all down.

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