Laying things down

I have half of the first Reflected Gaze comic drawn now, which is addressing my own personal body issues and serves as an introduction into what I‘m hoping to accomplish with this project. Few things will make you more self-conscious than having your girlfriend take awkward photos of you, and then drawing from those photos.

If things stay on track, the comic will be finished and uploaded some time later next week. I feel like I should address a couple things before it goes up, though.


As you can tell from the sample art, there will be some nudity involved. This is all about our bodies, after all. So it should go without saying that the content on this page will from time to time be NSFW, unless your job is cool with you looking at nude illustrations, in which case? You have a cool job.

I’m not saying every person I’ll be drawing comics of will be depicted nude, of course. That’s up to them, not me, and I know some will be more willing than others, which is absolutely fine. Nobody should feel pressured, especially since this is sensitive subject matter being dealt with. So, those entries that do feature full-on nudity will be tagged as such.

I have my own feelings about how our society regards naked bodies, but if you don’t want to see them, the tags will be there in order for you to avoid those particular entries.


Second of all, given that this project is all about people addressing their own personal body issues and putting themselves on display, I will not tolerate any mean, abusive commentary. Similarly, I won’t tolerate any lewd or perverted comments. Any and all comments of this nature will be removed as I find them.

Reflected Gaze is open and welcome to all kinds of people, and I’m hoping to share the voices and experiences of people who are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Discussion is encouraged, but keep it civil, alright? I’m hoping this is the only time I’ll have to say any of this. I’m hoping people will be respectful and mature, but, you know, that isn’t always the case.

These same rules apply to the Facebook page and to the Tumblr. NSFW content will be tagged, and abuse will not be tolerated. Thanks.


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