Postcards and more

So the first comic has been up for a few days now, and the response has been incredible. I was so nervous about posting it, but it seems like a whole lot of you are able to relate to and appreciate what I’m trying to express in it, silly as it may seem to me sometimes. That’s amazing. To those of you who’ve left comments here, on Facebook, or elsewhere, thank you.

I’m hard at work on the second comic, about my friend KT Haché. The comic will be a little bit about her experience as a transgender woman as well as her sweet androgynous fashion sense. She’s been great to work with, and I think you’ll all like the comic when I post it here in a couple weeks. Until then, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter, and her writing portfolio is here. She’s an awesome writer, and I hope to get her to contribute more to this project in the future.

I’ve made up a postcard for the project, to give out at comic conventions and other places, and I’m using some finished artwork from her comic for it. Take a look:


They should come in around the middle of the month, and the first con I’ll have them at is a first year anime convention called ShikaCon, which I’m a guest at. It’s April 25th and 26th. If you’re local, come check it out! I’ll also be at Mountain Empire Comics for Free Comic Book Day the Saturday after that, May 2nd.

The first article, a discussion about the body horror films of David Cronenberg between myself and a friend of mine, should be up Monday or Tuesday. Or well, I should say the first part of that discussion, as we cover a lot of ground so it’ll be broken up into two or three separate posts. Editing that and working on art for it as we speak.

Oh, I thought I’d point out a couple references made in Trying to be Human. The bottom panel on the second page, “eventually it resurfaces,” is kind of a visual callback to my first graphic novel, Other Sleep. You can read the first three chapters of that here. The whole book has been submitted to ComiXology, and I’m just waiting to hear back on whether they’ve accepted it or not. You can also by physical copies from me here.


The final page, first two panels of the bottom tier are from other past projects. First is Embrace Infection (NSFW,) my senior art show that I put together before graduating college. Reflected Gaze was actually born from wanting to do something like that again! Second is a short comic called Zimmik Looks For Love in a Barren Land (also NSFW,) which I did for a friend’s zine. Check those out.

Thanks again for reading. Keep spreading the word.

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