Hey, so have you read thew new comic about Diana yet? And how about that article by Andy Ross? Good stuff.

It’ll be a while before the next update, as I’ve been hustling a lot to get a bunch of other things done. This weekend is HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, my favorite comic convention of all time! I’ll be at table AA-627 selling my books, doing sketches, and giving out postcards for Reflected Gaze!


And then NEXT weekend is a little comic convention being held by the Johnson City Public Library, which I’ve been invited to attend. I’m supposed to give a presentation that morning on making comics. I have not yet started putting this presentation together. I’m trying to do that today. We’ll see how well that goes.
jcconI’ve got a few things going on in July as well, so, um, yeah, trying to find time to work on this project is getting harder and harder. For that I apologize. Still, if you’re anywhere near these two events, you should come out and say hello! It’ll be a great time!

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